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BEHIND THE BUSINESS - Rose Martin Creative

This week, we got the chance to take five with the very talented Ameera from Rose Martin Creative. Rose Martine Creative is owned and operated by one creative lady and her fiance, all from their humble abode in Perth WA. They custom make & initial all their unique jewellery pieces by hand.

We asked her six questions about her business and her tips to running a successful business.

What inspired you to start your business?

I think I was seeking a creative outlook, wanting to do something fun that I enjoyed and could run and develop on my own terms. Having a side hustle enables me to be creative, work on my terms, be passionate and enjoy what I’m doing and see what it develops into. RMC didn’t originally start as a Jewellery business, but in a short period of time of creating RMC it very quickly adapted to what it is today. Also encouragement from my sister-in law that this was actually something I could do is was helped get the ball rolling and confidence!

Tell me a little bit about your business?

RMC was created by myself, with a tone of support from my fiancé (it’s definitely a team effort!). I made jewellery when I was younger and jewellery making for some time at art school. After a lot of research, trialling and encouragement I launched RMC as a jewellery business two months ago. We create custom initialled and pressed jewellery pieces as well as fresh water pearl pieces, all from my little business room (I call it the fun room) at home. We use filled metals that are sourced ethically and support another small business that create the metal and is owned and operated by a father + daughter team which I love. Our pieces are mainly pendant necklaces, some bracelets and we have recently released two of our earring pieces with so many designs to cone over the next few months!

If you could give one business tip to our followers, what would it be?

Everything can evolve, you really never know what or where your business might take you. And it’s important to be open to that - be open to change.

You create great flat lays on your Instagram. Have you got any tips on content creation for social platforms?

Thank you! Don’t just create great content of your product or service, create content that appeals to the life’s of those you are targeting/your customers.

What is a social media handle you recommend our followers check out?

@mapleandwren – I love her work, she is amazing to work with and such bubbly happy human being!

Have you ever received a great piece of business advice you can share with our followers?

Do your research – in multiple areas from suppliers, networks, costs, Legal and tax information. It’s always best to hit the ground running, prepared!

Ameera finished by highlighting the importance of supporting local businesses

"...most side hustles and a lot of small business is one person (or two) doing what they love, likely whilst having another career or job or being mum, so the local support and the encouragement from other business babes is amazing and really appreciated!"

Thank you for reading our first BEHIND THE BUSINESS article! If you or someone you know would like to be featured, get in contact with us at

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